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Welcome to Catholic Radio Indy


crs emergency response

haitiHaiti is reeling from the blows of Hurricane Matthew, which crashed ashore on October 4, bringing 145 mile per hour winds, storm surges and up to 40 inches of rainfall.

This storm has caused massive devastation and flooding in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, which has yet to fully recover from a catastrophic earthquake in 2010.

Hundreds of lives have been lost. Roofs have been blown off houses, many homes are damaged and water is flooding the streets.

Click below to help:

Will you help families affected by Hurricane Matthew? We are committed to raising $5 million. Respond now and give a gift for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Cardinal Ritter High School WINS the High School Challenge

cri radio contest ritter
Left to right; Aiden Fierst, Kendall Blake,  Principal-Matt Hollowell, Hailey Briggeman, Jacqui Baker, and Grace Smith.

During our recent Share-a-Thon, we challenged the area Catholic High Schools to see which school could raise the most funds for Catholic Radio. Because of schedule conflicts, only Bishop Chatard and Cardinal Ritter were able to participate this year. The winner was Cardinal Ritter High School. Principal Matt Hollowell and five Student Ambassadors represented the school.

THANKS to both schools for a GREAT JOB!!
Next fall we hope to have more Catholic High Schools in the competition.

Thanks to South of Chicago Pizza for donating pizzas for the event!

audio now

Here’s a Brand New totally FREE way to receive Catholic Radio Indy CLEARLY wherever you are.


Just dial 641-552-5881 to hear Catholic Radio Indy programs loud and clear twenty-four hours a day in your home, vehicle or even a hospital room. There is NO CHARGE for this call. If you have unlimited long distance minutes on your cell phone plan.
You’re never without your cellphone… so now, you’re never without perfect reception of Catholic Radio. This is not an APP…. It does not use any data. It can even be done on an older phone that can’t download APPs.

This service is for cell phones with plans that offer unlimited “minutes” only. Other phones (including Home phones) will be charged long distance rates for every minute.

Click HERE for more detail

3 minute retreat

pope francis joy of love

catholic radio stickers

Help Us Spread the Word About Catholic Radio!

Fill out the form below to Get a FREE STICKER for the rear window of your vehicle. 
We actually know of several people who have begun their journey to becoming a Catholic simply because of a sticker on a vehicle. Helping spread the Word of God this way is EASY… and it looks pretty cool too. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE STICKER TODAY


driving-on-the-roadTraveler's Guide

We have just posted a travlers guide on our website.  This guide lists all the Catholic radio stations around the United States, Canada, British West Indies and Mexico!  Please download and use it on your travels!  Click here to access the guide.

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