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Welcome to Catholic Radio Indy

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A “Miracle” on the Horizon?

A very rare opportunity has presented itself to us here at Catholic Radio. Another radio station is for sale in Indianapolis. IF WE CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SITUATION, we would be able to put very strong listenable signal over ALL of Indianapolis and the surrounding area... and begin a 24 hour a day Spanish-Language Catholic station at the same time. This is a genuine opportunity. It will require a lot of prayers and about two million dollars. WE NEED HELP to make this happen. If you can help us raise the money, please contact us right away. Phone Jim Ganley at 317-870-8400 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can you help us?

You may be able to make a larger donation to help. You may be able to loan us the money. You may wish to make a “Legacy Memorial” in memory of a loved one. This new facility will provide a Catholic voice on the local airwaves for generations to come.

Imagine the good that we could do and the souls we could help save with this new facility. For ten years we have struggled with a signal that does not cover the city as well as we would like. This opportunity would give us a strong signal over Indianapolis and a way to provide Catholic programming for our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters many of whom come to this country as Catholics but migrate to other denominations or to no faith at all. Where else will young people hear that it’s OK to be chaste and modest? Where else will non-Catholics be able to hear about our Faith and be encouraged to join? Where else will all Catholics hear things that will help them grow in their Faith?

If you can help us, please contact us right away. This opportunity is available now but it won’t be for long. Someone will take advantage of it. WHY NOT CATHOLIC RADIO??

Catholic Radio Android and iPad App Available
NOW… You Can You Hear Catholic Radio Indy Wherever you are without static, dropouts or interference

For ANDROID Phones and devices: Click HERE or Go to the GOOGLE PLAY Store and type in either Catholic Radio Indy or WSPM 

For I-Phones Click HERE.  For iPads Click HERE: Or go to the APP Store and type in: Catholic Radio Indy

NEVER MISS ANOTHER MINUTE of your favorite Catholic Radio Indy Programs.



Our new location is 8383 Craig Street, Suite 280, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Click here for a map of our new location!

We are so blessed with our new location and look forward to it being a beacon of evangelization!

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If you have any suggestion for additions or improvements to this site, please let us know.

May God Bless You and your Family!

driving-on-the-roadTraveler's Guide

We have just posted a travlers guide on our website.  This guide lists all the Catholic radio stations around the United States, Canada, British West Indies and Mexico!  Please download and use it on your travels!  Click here to access the guide.

Open House and Dedication

On December 17, 2013, Archbishop Joseph Tobin of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis was on hand for a special dedication of the new studio and office facility of Catholic Radio Indy. (click here to read more)







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