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By computer and driving
I listen to Catholic radio as much as I can, on the computer and while I drive. I especially like Catholic Answers during afternoon drive time.

Keep it up and God bless 89.1 FM!

Newly arrived from Connnecticut

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your radio station. My family moved here last June from Connecticut and I feel so blessed that we found your
station. There was nothing like it back in CT as far as I know. We plan to make a donation soon so you can continue your excellent spiritual work.

God bless you all.

Cindy S., Zionsville

Thank you for your station, from Malaysia

I’m [name removed], from MALAYSIA - a Muslim nation which prohibited the use of radio and Internet for Christian missions.

I used to go for daily Mass, and now when I came back to my hometown in Sabah, I do not have the opportunity to go for daily Mass.

I’ve been searching for an online radio where Catholics can listen to the Catholic stuff, and thank God that through the, I found your station which made me really happy to be able to join the daily Mass in spirit and prayers and faith of Catholicity, though I can’t go for the daily communion. I’m just able to do it spiritually.

I thank God for this station. It reached me in Malaysia.

God bless!


Mr. [name removed],
Tamparuli Sabah, MALAYSIA

Christian appreciates Catholic radio programs

Was raised in the Catholic Church as a child but left and eventually became Christian believing all who sincerely profess faith in Christ to be Christian.

Listen to Catholic radio and find some programs interesting. Listen to Father Groeschel who seems firm in his beliefs but fair in his treatment of other Christians that are not Catholic. Listen to Kresta due to interesting subject matter at times, and he seems to be fair to other non-Catholic Christians.

Catholic Radio Indy is awesome!

I’ve been listening since the beginning and Catholic Radio has been awesome for me. I’ve been driven forward in the faith and it’s kept me from just ‘being baptized and stalling out.’ It catapulted me into scripture study, faith and being an active Catholic. I believe that God gave me your radio station as a personal gift. I was baptized two years ago, so the timing was awesome! Thank you and hope you stay on forever!

We can all honor our calling to share Christ

By listening to, praying for and sharing the Good News of Catholic Radio, we can all honor our fundamental calling to share Christ with the world.


Away 30 years and Back!
I’ve been 30 years away from the faith. Through Catholic Radio, I came back to the church and now have one son who went through RCIA.

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