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Prayer Requests

We have thousands of listeners.  Many of them would be happy to add your special intentions to their daily prayers.

In the space below, just let us know what you’d like our listeners to pray for, and we will post your prayer request here on our website.  You can also call us at 317-870-8400.

God bless you.

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Nicole: Salvation and Deliverance from evil

Please pray for my husbands soul. His name is Daniel.. He's joined a group of people that openly worship the devil. They perform on stage in a burlesque troupe. He's doing routines himself that have heavy anti- religious themes. He also wants to end our marriage (of 13 years) for one of these dancers or open our marriage to have sex with these kind of people! I feel the devil is in our home. Please pray for him and our protection. That God will turn him away from this evil.

Thursday, 05 September 2019

Julian: Family distressed

This is for thanks giving and prayers and intercession for release of son alroyd's vessel  and reaching home safe and sound. Please pray for his safety and for other employment in a safe environment.  Deliver his wife and  children from bondage and rebellion and that they accept Jesus Christ as their saviour. Also for a housefor his family. 

Also pray and intercede for desperate situation for my daughter daughter .

Wednesday, 04 September 2019

Rachel: Difficult Situation

For hope in this storm i am going through in my life. Its been a difficult year.

Monday, 02 September 2019

Matt: stop failing and to do good

Please help me to overcome my challenges and obstacles. Please help me to pass my Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Levels 1 and 2 written tests. Also, please let me do well on my dive skills and my college academics. I do struggle with tests and different skills/academics because I have a learning disability called PDD. Please let me do right in God’s eyes and also for me to stop sinning.

Friday, 30 August 2019

jeanette : blessings and protection

hello to our ewtn prayer partners I thank you all in the name of jesus. please keep me jeanette in prayer for health and wellness and my daughter jennifer the grace upon her life. and my husband ruben . I am grateful to receive prayer blessings and hope for the kingdom of the lord to come AMEN!    Jesus is my lord forever !

Wednesday, 28 August 2019


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