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Welcome to Catholic Radio Indy



radio towerCould you tell 900,000 strangers about Jesus today?
We can...but not without YOUR HELP!

There are roughly a million people in the coverage area of Catholic Radio Indy. If we assume that about ten percent are Catholic that leaves about 900,000 who just might need to hear the Word of God today.

We know that we’re supposed to spread the Message of Salvation, but with today’s hectic lifestyle, how do we actually do that? One very rock-solid way is by supporting media that does reach out to these people… media like Catholic Radio.

We can’t guarantee that all 900,000 people will listen but, with your help, we can see to it that the Word of God is as close to them as their car radio or cell phone.

Can you make a year-end gift to help us keep all three local Catholic Radio Indy stations on the air? To make an ongoing monthly gift, or a one-time donation CLICK HERE.

*Under IRS QCD (Qualified Charitable Deduction) rules, if you are older than 70.5, you may be eligible to transfer any amount (up to $100,000/yr.) directly from your IRA to a qualified charity (like Catholic Radio Indy) in a manner that could lower both your adjusted gross income and taxable income, resulting in a lower overall tax liability

  • You can donate Stocks or Bonds directly to the station saving you capital gains tax.
  • You can donate cars, truck, boats, RVs or motorcycles even if they do not run.
  • You can include Catholic Radio Indy in your Will or your Estate Planning.
  • You can name Catholic Radio Indy as a beneficiary for a Life Insurance Policy, IRA or 401k.
  • Catholic Radio can get a donation every time you shop at KROGER.
  • Catholic Radio can get a donation every time you purchase anything on AMAZON.
  • You can volunteer to help out in our office, on the air or at our special events.

There are LOTS of ways you can support Catholic Radio. If you’d like information about any of the ways listed above, just CLICK on the links above or CLICK HERE to send us an email. In your email, tell us which item or items you would like more information about and we will get back to you as soon as we can. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

We wish you and your family an Advent filled with hope, a Christmas filled with the love and peace of Christ and a very prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas!
Jim Ganley
President and General Manager

Click HERE to Donate Now

stocks bonds mutual fundsDonate STOCKS, BONDS or MUTUAL FUNDS to Catholic Radio

We have initiated a new program to help you effortlessly donate investments like these to support Catholic Radio.  You do NOT have to sell them first.  This saves you from paying the capital gains tax and allows us to receive the full appreciated value of your donation.

Click here to get started.



Every time you shop at any KROGER store and use your Kroger PLUS card, Catholic Radio Indy can get a small donation based on almost everything* you buy.  It cost you NOTHING. To register your Kroger Plus card or to get one (if you don’t have one) just CLICK HERE. When asked which charity you want to support, type in: Catholic Radio Indy. *Certain restrictions apply. See Kroger website for details

audio now

Here’s a Brand New totally FREE way to receive Catholic Radio Indy CLEARLY wherever you are.


Just dial 641-552-5881 to hear Catholic Radio Indy programs loud and clear twenty-four hours a day in your home, vehicle or even a hospital room. There is NO CHARGE for this call. If you have unlimited long distance minutes on your cell phone plan.
You’re never without your cellphone… so now, you’re never without perfect reception of Catholic Radio. This is not an APP…. It does not use any data. It can even be done on an older phone that can’t download APPs.

This service is for cell phones with plans that offer unlimited “minutes” only. Other phones (including Home phones) will be charged long distance rates for every minute.

Click HERE for more detail

3 minute retreat


crs 2Meet Fadumo of Somalia. She left her home because of the drought. Now she waits with her family for water in a camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu.
Help now

Meet Lorna. She fled South Sudan with her 2 younger brothers, and was separated from her mother along the way. She has yet to find her mom, and is now in a refugee camp in Uganda, where food and water are scarce.

Today, more than 20 million people across Africa face the threat of famine and starvation. Humanitarian experts say this crisis could be worse than a 2011 famine that killed 260,000 people. By the time "famine" is declared by the United Nations, many people will have already died. So the time to act is now.


Photos by Mohamed Sheikh Nor for CRS

catholic radio stickers

Help Us Spread the Word About Catholic Radio!

Fill out the form below to Get a FREE STICKER for the rear window of your vehicle. 
We actually know of several people who have begun their journey to becoming a Catholic simply because of a sticker on a vehicle. Helping spread the Word of God this way is EASY… and it looks pretty cool too. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE STICKER TODAY


driving-on-the-roadTraveler's Guide

We have just posted a travlers guide on our website.  This guide lists all the Catholic radio stations around the United States, Canada, British West Indies and Mexico!  Please download and use it on your travels!  Click here to access the guide.

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