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There are many ways to support our ministry.

Listener support through donations, underwriting, volunteering, other fund raising projects such as the annual dinner, golf outing and silent auction as well as other support from the Archdiocese of Indiana and the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana help our efforts.

Please consider being a supporter of Catholic Radio Indy by making a donation, becoming an underwriter or helping out in one of our many volunteer capactities.  Your prayers and support make all the difference for us to move forward in spreading God's word through radio broadcasting!

imagesDonate Your Car!
Year end is just around the corner, but, if you hurry, you may still be able to turn that un-wanted car, truck boat or RV into a very nice tax deduction. If you donate your vehicle to Catholic Radio right away, we may be able to sell or salvage it before the end of the year and get you a very nice tax deduction.  It’s really easy… and it really benefits Catholic Radio.  The easiest way is just to CLICK HERE. Your vehicle doesn’t have to run and it doesn’t have to look pretty.  It’s still valuable to us.  We can turn things around quickly but for a tax deduction for this year we need to start right away.   You can also simply call us at 317.870.8400, ext. 21.  Turn that unwanted car, truck, boat or RV into a tax deduction for you and some much needed revenue for us.

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