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audio nowOf course, you can also do this with our FREE APPS*, but this is different. Even if you have an older cell phone that can’t download APPS… or you simply want to listen without using any data this will work perfectly. It’s as simple as dialing 641-552-5881. If you have free long distance… and unlimited “minutes”… which many cell phones do… you can listen 24/7 at home, in your car or office… even in a hospital room.

Enter the number as a “Contact” in your phone. Set it as a Speed-Dial. Share the number with your friends.

It’s 641-552-5881.

Once you enter the number as a contact in your phone SIRI or Google can even dial it for you.

This might be a great way to share Catholic Radio with a loved one who is bedridden or hospitalized.

*For our FREE APPS, just visit your APP Store and search: Catholic Radio Indy.

 Coverage area WSPM 89.1 FM  Coverage area WSQM 90.9 FM

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