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How can I donate to Catholic Radio Indy?

There are two ways you can donate:

1. Secure online credit card payment (you can make a one time or monthly recurring donation) - Click here for credit card donations.

2. Send us a check payable to Catholic Radio 89.1 FM/90.9 FM. The mailing address to which checks may be sent is:

Catholic Radio 89.1 FM/90.9 FM 
8383 Craig St.
Suite 280
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Please note: donations made to Catholic Radio Indy 89.1 FM *are* tax-deductible.

Is Catholic Radio Indy 89.1 FM/90.9 FM funded by the Church?

No. Inter Mirifica, Inc. is a group of dedicated Catholic volunteers, with families and full-time jobs. The cost of leasing the station, equipment, programming and personnel is significant.

We will only be able to maintain this fine programming if we are supported by a combination of personal donations and corporate or association sponsorships.

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana already have a wide spectrum of ministries that must be supported. We have chosen not to ask either for financial support. Thus, Catholic Radio Indy 89.1 FM/90.9 FM will be listener supported and its continuation is dependent upon your prayerful, financial support.

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